5 Tips To Get You Back On The Job!

5 Tips To Get You Back On The Job!
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After years of recession and austerity, recently we have had some respite. Although it may sound daunting to start looking for work again, finding a job does not have to be a cumbersome experience.

Whether you stopped working to raise a family or was made redundant, there is good reason to hope. With these 5 tips, getting back to work is easier than you think!

1. Tidy up your CV

If you have been out of work for long, your CV might need a little work to freshen things up. Updating a CV can be tricky, so to get some good advice, contact a recruiter in your area and set up a meeting to go over your CV.

If you have experienced long periods of unemployment, it’s always a good rule of thumb to briefly explain the reasons for the gap in employment.

2. Get Online and Get Social

There are plenty of recruiters online with extensive job vacancy databases. Once you have updated your CV, check out recruitment company websites and submit your applications. If you are looking for sales roles, contact our Strictly Resources talent search team for immediate assistance.

Further, online networking requires a social presence as well, so head over to business-networking platforms like Linkedin and get connected. These social business platforms are a great way to research prospective employers and reconnect with old colleagues.

3. Offline Networking

Networking both online and offline is imperative to stay up to date with the modern job search experience. Find networking opportunities in your area to connect with employers and others who are also getting back on the saddle.

There are always networking events taking place, so check out local listings to find local networking events and workshops where you live.

4. Be Prepared

You never know when you will get called in for an interview, so be prepared when the time comes. When you get the call, thoroughly research the job, the industry, and the company. Update your knowledge and skills and ask a friend to help you do some mock interviews.

If you are working with a recruitment agency, ask your recruiter for some advice.

5. Be Great at the Interview

Always stay calm before and during the interview so that you’re able to properly answer questions. Employers are always looking to match the right candidates with the job’s requirements, so relate your own experiences as it meets the job requirements.