We Value Your Talent!

What We Offer

Strictly Resources is the UK’s top B2B sales recruitment agency. We place qualified candidates in sales positions that are going to provide the chance to excel. We can help you discover career opportunities not available to the public, while simultaneously ensuring you have the right opportunity to advance your career.

Our goal is always to provide personalised service, from start-to-finish, allowing you to find a position that will pave the road to success. We don’t just try to fill jobs—we provide tools and resources to cultivate careers.

Seek What Suits You

We offer expertise in a variety of industries, and since at Strictly Resources we only focus on sales, our team has the unique knowledge to understand the subtleties of what you do, and match you with a position that’s best suited to you. Success in the workplace is all about achieving that perfect fit, and we’re here to serve as your advocate and ally in your career search.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate just beginning your career, or a seasoned senior executive seeking new and exciting opportunities, we can place you in the perfect position.

Know You’re In The Right Place

Our team of experts will look far beyond your CV. We provide one-one-one consultations, so we’re able to better understand you and your career needs, and we work with you every step of the way, from the creation of your CV, to post-interview briefings.

Our goal isn’t to simply place you—it’s to place you well. Don’t let your abilities go undiscovered. Contact us for the opportunity to explore the possibilities of a sales position placement through Strictly Resources.


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