Senior Executives In The Job Market (Top 5 Hurdles & How To Overcome Them)

Senior Executives In The Job Market (Top 5 Hurdles & How To Overcome Them)
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When you’re a senior executive on the lookout for a new job, it’s never going to be easy. Senior executives face unique hurdles that they need to get over when searching for a job.

Unlike other jobs, senior positions are often few and far between. So the last thing you need is to have personal barriers that need to be overcome.

Here are the top 5 hurdles that one must get over to stay competitive in the job market:

1. The Weight of Ego

A lot of individuals who have worked in senior positions feel a loss of identity and self-worth that came with the previous job. When faced with this situation, ask someone for help, build self-worth outside the work environment, and be open to updating your skills.

2. Senior Executive Jobs are Scarce

Positions best suited for Senior Executives are hard to come by and can lead to a lot of frustration. To find your place back in the workforce, you need to get creative and adaptable. Further, consider a wider geographical area to look for jobs as there may only be a handful in the country.

3. Internal Recruitment

Senior positions usually get filled by individuals within a company as hiring a person externally is a risk. However, this notion can be countered by explaining the value of having an outsider come in with a fresh set of ideas.

4. Lack of Resources

Senior executives haven’t done the everyday administrative tasks for a long time. As a result they lack technology skills, organisational skills, and logistical skills. At this juncture it is best to acknowledge reality and get on with it. Learning new skills and behaviours is essential to getting back on the saddle.

5. Age Discrimination

Getting to the very top comes with experience and experience takes a lot of time. There is always an underlying fear of being perceived as too old or not current. But these issues can be overcome by highlighting your experience, contacts, and a proven track record.

By acknowledging and understanding hurdles faced by senior level job seekers, you can take the first steps toward getting hired.